DO - Display Order of Output Data

This Natural profile and session parameter specifies how fields are to be interpreted for display on terminals that support bidirectional data.

Possible settings L Specifies that the data from the application is in logical display order.

The field characters are displayed according to their character property (left-to-right or right-to-left).

V Specifies that the data from the application is in visual order.


  1. All fields are inverted by Natural before they are sent to the terminal.
  2. This option is required for old applications written for terminals which support inverse (right-to-left) print mode, activated by profile parameter PM=I or terminal command %VON.
Default setting L  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session yes Applicable statement: SET GLOBALS
Applicable command: GLOBALS


  1. The I/O device must be able to create the correct display order depending on the character properties. This is for instance the case if an application runs in a browser under Natural Web I/O Interface. For other terminal types, this parameter does not have any effect.
  2. For detailed information on how to use the setting PM=I, see Bidirectional Language Support in the Unicode and Code Page Support documentation.