Natural Review

Natural Review (REVIEW NM) is a monitoring facility that provides response time and user activity information about Natural applications running under the TP monitor CICS. The product includes a User Profile System which is an administrative facility used for defining access privileges to Review.

The Natural Review documentation contains all information required to install and use Natural Review.

Getting Started with Natural Review Explains how to start and end a Natural Review session and describes the system-wide commands that may be used in Natural Review.
Accessing Natural Monitor Explains how to access the Natural monitor system.
Using Response Time Reports Explains how to use response time reports.
Active User Information Explains how to use active user information.
Technical Information Explains how to display environmental information and history session information.
Administrative Functions Explains how to administer Natural Monitor.
Function Codes and Commands Gives an overview of the function codes and commands available within Natural Monitor.
LDA View Description Describes the fields of the local data area (LDA) L-NMHIST.
Natural Review repository file Includes a copy of the repository file.

Notation vrs or vr

When used in this documentation, the notation vrs or vr represents the relevant product version (see also Version in the Glossary).

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