CCHAR - Allow Output Control Characters

To avoid screen I/O errors, Natural automatically translates the output control characters x'01' through x'3F' to '?'. In some cases, however, certain control characters are required for special purposes

This Natural profile parameter allows you to define hexadecimal control characters for primary I/O to be passed through unchanged. This overwrites the definitions in the output translation tables NTTAB, NTTAB1 and NTTABL as contained in the configuration module NATCONFG or defined by the corresponding dynamic profile parameter or by the corresponding macro in the Natural parameter module. It avoids warning message NAT7021 during session initialization if profile parameter CFICU is set to ON.

Possible settings


The following can be specified:
a single hex character or
a list of hex characters enclosed in brackets can be specified. The hex characters must be within x'01' through x'3F'. A hex character range a1-a2 is allowed instead of a hex character.

OFF OFF resets any previous CCHAR definitions.
Default setting no  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

For additional print files, the subparameter CCHAR of profile parameter PRINT can be used.