Natural Optimizer Compiler

This documentation for Natural Optimizer Compiler describes various aspects which should be taken into consideration when the Natural Optimizer Compiler is installed at your site.

 In the remainder of the Natural Optimizer Compiler documentation the Natural Optimizer Compiler is also referred to as NOC, which is the product code.

For an explanation of the format abbreviations used in this documents, see the section Possible Formats in the Natural Statements documentation.

General Information Various aspects of the Natural Optimizer Compiler and how to benefit most from the Natural Optimizer Compiler.
Using the Optimizer Compiler Statements and programs used for compilation.

Statistical data on programs suitable for processing by the Natural Optimizer Compiler: NOCSTAT command.

Examples of when to use the Optimizer Compiler.
Activating the Optimizer Compiler How to switch on the Natural Optimizer Compiler.
Optimizer Options Various options of the Natural Optimizer Compiler.

How to apply PGEN to output generated code and internal Natural structures for examination.

Influence by other Natural parameters.
Performance Considerations How to achieve best performance considering data formats, arrays, alpha fields, DECIDE ON and numeric values.
Listing Zaps How to receive an overview of the Zaps that have been applied to the Natural Optimizer Compiler.
Natural Optimizer Compiler Version 8.3/8.4 - Documentation Updates Documentation updates that only apply to Natural Optimizer Compiler Version 8.3 and Version 8.4.

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