This documentation describes all editors available in Natural.

For a tutorial on using the editors, see the First Steps documentation.

For information on Unicode and code page support for Natural editors, see Editors in the SPoD Environment in the Unicode and Code Page Support documentation.

The Editors documentation is organized under the following headings:

Locking of Source Objects Describes the locking and unlocking of Natural source objects.
Editors - General Information Contains an overview of which Natural objects are edited with which Natural editor. In addition, it contains information on split-screen mode and the editor profile.
Program Editor Describes the program editor which is used to create and modify Natural programs, subprograms, subroutines, classes, copycodes, helproutines, functions and text objects.
Data Area Editor Describes the data area editor which is used to create and modify local, global and parameter data areas.
Map Editor Describes the map editor which is used to create and modify maps (screen layouts).
Map Editor Tutorial Contains a series of tutorial sessions that introduce you to the use of the Natural map editor.
SYSDDM Utility Describes the SYSDDM utility which is used to create, maintain and delete Natural data definition modules (DDMs).
Software AG Editor Describes the Software AG Editor which is used to edit objects in Natural and other Software AG products.