Available and Required Software AG Product Versions

Product Availability and End of Maintenance

You can view all available Software AG product versions and check the dates when their maintenance ends by visiting Software AG's Empower web site at https://empower.softwareag.com/:

  1. Log in to Empower.

  2. Expand Products in the left menu of the page and select Product Version Availability:


  3. Select the required filter criteria from the drop-down list boxes and click on the SEARCH button.

    A list of supported Software AG products that meet the filter criteria is shown. In addition, the end-of-standard-maintenance dates are indicated in the EOM column.

    If you mark Show prior Product Versions, only product versions that are out of maintenance are listed.

Overview of New Natural Add-On Product Versions

This release of Natural provides new versions of the Natural add-on products (or subcomponents) listed in the following table. These versions contain

  • all Zaps,

  • INPL updates,

  • early warnings and

  • source changes

applied to their respective predecessor versions as error corrections.

Product Name Product Code Version
Natural Advanced Facilities NAF 8.2.7
Natural CICS Interface (*) NCI 8.2.7
Natural Com-plete/SMARTS Interface (*) NCF 8.2.7
Natural Connection NTC 8.2.7
Natural Development Server (*) NDV 8.2.7


Natural for DB2 NDB 8.2.7
Natural for DL/I NDL 8.2.7
Natural for SQL/DS NSQ 8.2.7
Natural for VSAM NVS 8.2.7
Natural IMS TM Interface NII 8.2.7
Natural ISPF ISP 8.2.7
Natural Japanese Language Pack NCJ 8.2.7
Natural openUTM Interface NUT 8.2.7
Natural Optimizer Compiler (*) NOC 8.2.7
Natural Review RNM 8.2.7
Natural RPC (*) RPC 8.2.7 (RPC is a separate subcomponent of Natural)
Natural SAF Security NSF 8.2.7
Natural Security (*) NSC 8.2.7
Natural SQL Gateway (*) NSB 8.2.7
Natural TIAM Interface NRT 8.2.7
Natural TSO Interface NTI 8.2.7
Natural Web I/O Interface (*) NWO 8.2.7 (server)
8.3.4 (server)
Super Natural NSN 8.2.7
Natural zIIP Enabler for Batch NAZ 8.2.7
Natural zIIP Enabler for CICS (*) NAZCI 8.3.4
Natural zIIP Enabler for Com-plete (*) NAZCO 8.3.5

* Product-specific changes and/or enhancements are described in New and Changed Features of Natural Add-On Products.

Software AG Product Versions Required with Natural

The following minimum product versions/fixes (or higher) are required to use Natural Version 8.2.7 and the add-on products released with this version with the Software AG products listed below:

Product Name Product Code Minimum Version
Adabas ADA 8.3

8.3.4 with Zap AO834004 (ADALCO) if Natural zIIP Enabler is installed under Com-plete

Adabas CICS Interface ACI 8.3

8.4.1 LX if Natural zIIP Enabler is installed under CICS

Adabas IMS/TM Interface AII 8.3
Adabas Online System AOS 8.3
Adabas Review REV 4.7.2
Adabas Text Retrieval TRS 2.1.4
Com-plete COM 6.8.1 Cumulative Fix 10 with SMARTS Version 3.3.1 Cumulative Fix 25
Con-form CMF 3.4.3
Con-nect CNT 3.4.3
ConnecX SQL Engine CXX 12.0.1
Entire Connection PCC 4.5.3
Entire Event Management NCL 2.2.1 (2.1.2 for z/VSE)
Entire Net-Work WCP 6.3.2 (This product is required if you are using Natural Security in a heterogeneous environment.)
Entire Operations NOP 5.4.3
Entire Output Management NOM 3.4.3
Entire System Server NPR 3.6.1
Entire Transaction Propagator ETP 1.5.2

Apply Zaps ET52001 and ET52003 (for ETP) to use ETP with Adabas Version 8. If you are also using the additional Entire Transaction Propagator CICS Interface (ETC), in addition, apply Zap EZ52005 (for ETC).

International Components for Unicode for Software AG ICS 2.1.2, 2.2.1
Mainframe License Check MLC 1.3.2
Natural Business Services NBS 8.2.2
Natural Construct CST 8.2.2
Natural Document Management NDM 1.6.3 with Service Pack I001 applied
Natural Engineer NEE 8.3.2
Natural Web I/O Interface NWO 1.3.18 (client)
Predict PRD 8.2.3
Predict Application Control PAC 2.6.1

2.7.2 Cumulative Fix 21 for BS2000

3.3.1 Cumulative Fix 25 for z/OS and z/VSE

System Automation Tools SAT 3.4.3
System Maintenance Aid SMA 2.1.2 Cumulative Fix 4
webMethods EntireX

(before: EntireX Communicator)


9.5.1 for z/OS
9.6.0 for z/VSE
8.1.1 for BS2000

Although it may be technically possible to run versions of other Software AG products which are older than the ones listed above with a new version of Natural, this is not recommended because, for legal reasons, Software AG cannot continue to support such combinations and cannot make any statements about whether it is technically possible to run a new version of Natural with versions of other Software AG products which are older than the ones listed above.