TTYPE - Terminal Type

This Natural profile parameter allows you to specify the terminal type used - in TP environments in which this information is not supplied automatically - so that Natural can activate the appropriate converter routine for attribute sequences to operate that type of terminal.

Possible settings 1-4 characters The setting specified with the TTYPE parameter must be defined as a valid terminal device type in the NTDVCE macro of the NATCONFG module, see Configuration Tables - Module NATCONFG.
Default setting 3270 Under z/OS, z/VSE.
See Text. Under BS2000:

The setting defined in PDN, unless overridden by the parameter T975X.

See Natural TP Monitor Interfaces, Natural under TIAM, Parameters in Macro NAMTIAM.

Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session yes The TTYPE parameter has the same function as the terminal command %T=.

If you use the TTYPE parameter, it is no longer necessary to execute a program containing a SET CONTROL 'T=...' statement at the start of the session in order to set the terminal type.