TSOP - Parameters for Natural TSO Interface

This Natural profile parameter is used to specify the parameters for the Natural TSO Interface. It corresponds to the macro NTTSOP in the Natural parameter module.

Possible settings See TSOP Parameter Syntax.
Default setting See Keyword Subparameters.
Dynamic specification yes The parameter TSOP can only be specified dynamically. In the Natural parameter module, use the macro NTTSOP.
Specification within session no  

The following topics are covered:

TSOP Parameter Syntax

The TSOP parameter is specified as follows:


For information on subparameter names and values, see Keyword Subparameters.

NTTSOP Macro Syntax

The NTTSOP macro is specified as follows:

         NTTSOP ABEXIT=value,                                          *
               ALTSCRN=value,                                          *
               LBPNAME=value,                                          *
               LEHDLR=value,                                           *
               NDBFSRV=value,                                          *
               PA2=value,                                              *
               SUBPOOL=value,                                          *
               SWAPKEY=value,                                          *

See Keyword Subparameters.

Keyword Subparameters


ABEXIT - Abend Processing

ABEXIT=value specifies the mode of abend processing within Natural.

Value Explanation
ESTAE Natural intercepts all abends and issues the appropriate error messages.

This is the default value.

SPIE Only program checks (S0Cx abends) are intercepted.
OFF Natural does not intercept any abends or program checks at all.


  1. The setting ABEXIT=OFF corresponds to profile parameter DU=FORCE.
  2. The setting ABEXIT=OFF is not recommended because some functions, which require the abend interception, will not work any longer. The usage of profile parameter MT will cause an abend U0322 instead of error NAT0953 when the CPU time limit is reached.

ALTSCRN - Session Screen Mode

ALTSCRN=value specifies whether the 3270 alternate screen size is to be used.

Value Explanation
ON The alternate screen size is to be used.

This is the default value.

OFF The default screen size is to be used.


  1. There are 2 sets of screen heights/widths from the VTAM LOGMODE definition for the terminal, default and alternate screen size. Usually, the default screen size is 24 lines and 80 columns. The alternate screen size depends on the 3270 terminal model (2, 3, 4 or 5).
  2. The screen size can be overwritten with Natural profile parameter TMODEL.

LBPNAME - Sharing of Local Buffer Pools

LBPNAME=value controls the sharing of the local buffer pool when running multiple Natural sessions within the same TSO region. It defines the name of the shared buffer pool environment and is used to locate the shared local buffer pool.

Value Explanation

1 - 8 characters
' ' (blank)

Name of the shared buffer pool.
' ' (blank) The local buffer pools are not shared.

This is the default value.

When running multiple Natural sessions in a z/OS batch or TSO region concurrently, each session allocates storage for a separate local buffer pool. Except for the Natural z/OS batch mode server, the local buffer pools are not shared by default; that is, if the different sessions use the same Natural objects, these have to be loaded once for each session separately. If a shared buffer pool name is specified, all Natural sessions will share the same local buffer pool.

LEHDLR - Use of an LE Error Handler for Calling LE Subprograms

LEHDLR=value specifies whether Natural uses an LE error handler for the call of LE subprograms.

Value Explanation
ON An LE error handler is set up by Natural during the call of LE subprograms. This means, if an unhandled LE error occurs during the execution of an LE subprogram, Natural will get control and can handle it (by issuing error NAT0954).

This is the default value.

OFF No setting of an LE error handler is done by Natural during the call of LE subprograms. This means, if an unhandled error occurs during the execution of a LE subprogram, the LE enclave is terminated and so the Natural session is lost.


  1. For information on LE runtime options, see the description of source module NATLEOPT in the Installation for z/OS documentation.
  2. For information on Natural running with the IBM Language Environment, refer to Natural Execution - Miscellaneous Topics, LE Subprograms in the Operations documentation.

NDBFSRV - Natural for DB2 File Server

NDBFSRV=value specifies whether the Natural for DB2 file server is to be used.

Value Explanation
OFF The Natural for DB2 file server will not be used.

This is the default value.

ON The Natural for DB2 file server is invoked at each terminal I/O.

PA2 - Behavior of PA2 Key

PA2=value specifies how the PA2 key shall work.

Value Explanation
ON The PA2 key value is passed to the Natural application.
OFF The PA2 key value is used to redisplay the terminal screen and is not passed to the Natural application.

This is the default value.

The PA2 subparameter specification is irrelevant if the PA2 key is defined as the split screen swap key by subparameter SWAPKEY.

SUBPOOL - Storage Subpool for GETMAIN Requests

SUBPOOL=value defines the storage subpool for GETMAIN requests.

Value Explanation
1 - 127 Subpool number.
0 This is the default value.


  1. The subparameter SUBPOOL is honored only in the Natural parameter module which is linked to the TSO driver, but not in an alternative parameter module which is activated using a PARM= specification.
  2. As the subparameter SUBPOOL is evaluated during session initialization only, it cannot be specified as a dynamic subparameter.

SWAPKEY - TSO/ISPF Split Screen Feature Support

SWAPKEY=value defines the TSO/ISPF split screen swap key for Natural, which is assigned to PF9 on most of the panels of Software AG product Natural ISPF (Integrated Structured Programming Facility).

Value Explanation
PF1 - PF24 Defines the PF- or PA-key which shall be used to swap to the next TSO/ISPF session.
PA1 - PA3
OFF By default, no swap key is defined; that is, no split screen feature support is generated.


  1. The specified key cannot be used by Natural applications. Usually, the SWAP command in TSO/ISPF is assigned to the PF9 key on most TSO/ISPF panels.
  2. Split screen support requires the TSO/ISPF interface module ISPLINK from the ISPF load library. You can include ISPLNK in the link step for NATTSO. If not linked, Natural tries to load it dynamically when the key defined with SWAPKEY is first used in the session. If ISPLINK is not contained in the load library, Natural treats SWAPKEY as set to OFF.

TIOBSZ - Size of the Terminal I/O Buffer

TIOBSZ=value specifies the size of the terminal I/O buffer.

Value Explanation
4 - 32 Size of the terminal I/O buffer in KB.
8 This is the default setting.

The terminal I/O buffer is allocated below the 16 MB line.

Example of TSOP Parameter


Example of NTTSOP Macro