RDCEXIT - Define Natural Data Collector User Exits

This Natural profile parameter is used to define user exits for the Natural Data Collector of the SYSRDC utility and, optionally, a work area size for each exit.

RDCEXIT can only be specified dynamically. In the Natural parameter module, you need to use the equivalent macro NTRDC and its subparameter EXIT instead.

Possible settings See RDCEXIT Parameter Syntax.
Default setting none  
Dynamic specification yes

To dynamically specify RDCEXIT, the exits must be defined in the profile parameters CSTATIC or RCA (RCA can also be specified dynamically). Optionally, the size of the exit work area can be specified after the exit name.

Specification within session no  


  1. Alternatively, you can use the equivalent Natural subparameter EXIT of profile parameter RDC or macro NTRDC.
  2. If linked, the exit gets control from the Natural Data Collector at certain points within Natural. Specific session information is passed to the exits. For details, refer to User Exits for External Monitoring/Accounting in the SYSRDC Utility documentation.

RDCEXIT Parameter Syntax


Where name is the name of the user exit. In the Natural parameter module, the specified exit names will automatically be appended to the list of specifications contained in the profile parameter CSTATIC.

There is no default value.


Optionally, the size of the exit work area can be specified after the exit name.


Possible size values: 400 - 32760.

The default size value is 400.