PDPSIZE - Size of the Profiler Data Pool

This Natural profile parameter determines the size of the Profiler data pool used by the NaturalONE Profiler and the Profiler utility (see the Utilities documentation) in batch mode. The Profiler trace session uses this data pool as shared intermediate storage to transfer traced RDC session records to the monitor session. Storage is allocated by the monitor session during the initialization of the NaturalONE Profiler or the Profiler utility.

Possible settings 100 - 2097151 Size of the Profiler data pool in KB.

Depending on the number of trace records to be transferred, you may have to increase the size value for PDPSIZE to avoid a data pool overflow. An overflow pauses trace recording which can degrade performance of large applications.

You have to restart the monitor session after increasing the size value.

0 If PDPSIZE=0 is set or if the specified size exceeds the storage space available for the data pool, you can neither use the NaturalONE Profiler nor run the Profiler utility in batch mode.
Default setting 500  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no