IMSP - General Parameters for Natural IMS TM Interface

This Natural profile parameter can only be specified with the NTIMSP macro, dynamic parameter specification is not possible yet.

The NTIMSP macro is used to set general parameters for the Natural IMS TM Interface.

The NTIMSP macro can be specified only once in the Natural parameter module.

Possible settings See below.
Default setting See below.
Dynamic specification no
Specification within session no

This section covers the following topics:

NTIMSP Macro Syntax

The NTIMSP macro is specified as follows:

         NTIMSP NIINAME=value,                                         *
               SUBPOOL=value,                                          *
               THRELO=value,                                           *

See Keyword Subparameters.

Keyword Subparameters


NIINAME - Natural IMS TM Interface Module Name

NIINAME=value specifies the name of the Natural IMS TM Interface module to be used by the current driver.

Value Explanation
1- 8 characters A valid module name.
NIIINTFM This is the default value.

SUBPOOL - Storage Subpool

SUBPOOL=value specifies the z/OS subpool to be used for storage requests.

Value Explanation
0 - 127 The number of a z/OS task-related subpool used by a problem state program.
125 This is the default value.

THRELO - Thread Relocation

THRELO=value determines whether the Natural storage thread can be allocated at a different virtual address after a terminal I/O.

Value Explanation
ON Thread relocation is enabled: the Natural thread can be allocated at a different virtual address after a terminal I/O.

This is the default value.

OFF Thread relocation is disabled and the Natural thread remains at the same virtual address.

The size of the Natural thread is determined by the first Natural session that allocates the thread. As a consequence:

  • the THSIZE keyword subparameter (NTIMSPE macro) is ignored except for the first Natural session in an MPP environment,

  • the RELO profile parameter is ignored, and

  • the storage for the Natural thread remains allocated until the MPP environment is stopped.

We recommend that you only set THRELO=OFF if you use Con-form.

TRNCODE - Identify Transaction Code

TRNCODE=value can be used to identify the transaction code.

Value Explanation
ON The TRNCODE keyword subparameter is activated to evaluate the TRNCODE parameter:
  • on the first card of the BPM CONTROL file,

  • in the NIMBOOT macro,

  • used as the startup parameter of the server environment.

OFF The TRNCODE keyword subparameter is deactivated.

This is the default value.

Example of NTIMSP Macro