RELO - Storage Thread Relocation

This Natural profile parameter controls the relocation of the Natural thread after a terminal I/O in a thread environment (CICS, Com-plete, IMS TM, openUTM and Natural as a Server).

Possible settings ON The Natural thread and all the buffers contained therein can be relocated to another storage area if the original storage area has been occupied by another user after a terminal I/O.
OFF No relocation is performed. The Natural thread and all the buffers therein remain located at the same virtual address after the terminal I/O.

This setting applies to CICS, Com-plete and server environments only. In all other thread environments, Natural cannot guarantee that the thread remains located at the same address.


This will force a relocation of the Natural thread and all the buffers contained therein to another storage area. This can be useful for testing purposes in some environments.

This setting does not apply under openUTM.

Default setting ON  
Dynamic specification yes  
Specification within session no  

Notes for CICS:

  • When using TYPE=GETM threads under CICS, RELO=OFF has the same effect as the PSEUDO=OFF setting of the PSEUDO profile parameter. See also TYPE (thread type for group) in the section Natural under CICS in the TP Monitor Interfaces documentation.

  • A specification of RELO=OFF is ignored for Natural Server Sessions under CICS using TYPE=GETM threads.