Version 4.2.6 for Mainframes (Update)
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  Language   Development Environment  
      Statements       Editors    
      System Functions       System Commands    
      System Variables       Utilities    
        Terminal Commands       Debugger    
        Parameter Reference       Web Technology    
        Programming Guide       Natural for Ajax    
        Glossary       Natural Optimizer Compiler    
                Natural Review    
                Natural for MBCS    

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    Administration   Getting Started  
      Release Notes       System Architecture    
      Installation       Using Natural    
      Operations       First Steps    
      Natural Web I/O Interface       Unicode and Code Page Support    
      TP Monitor Interfaces            
      Database Management System Interfaces            
      Messages and Codes            
      Natural Security            
      Natural SAF Security            
      Natural Remote Procedure Call (RPC)            
      Natural Connection            
      Entire Transaction Propagator            
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