Version 4.2.6 for Mainframes (Update)
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Siemens Terminal Types Supported by Natural

This document contains information on how Natural supports Siemens terminal types.

The following types are supported:

Type 9748

At present, there are significantly different data stations of the type 9748. Depending on the age of the device, better support can be provided in 9750, 9755 or 9756 mode. Devices from older series of this type should be defined as 9750 because of the limited number of fields per line.

As various terminal types which were all defined as 9750 in PDN are often found in networks, the terminal type can also be modified during a Natural session with the terminal command %T= and thereby be made consistent with the device type currently in use.

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975n Series

The various devices of the 975n series differ considerably (for example, possible number of field separation characters per line, default brightness for protected blank lines, standard arrangement of display characteristics to field properties, etc.).

Four terminal driver routines are provided which support these devices. This permits optimum support of black/white devices of the type 9755 or 9756 with respect to their varying display characteristics. The different devices can be generated in PDN as 975n.

Some device types cannot be distinguished by an operating system inquiry (SVC 70). Therefore, Natural permits these "logical terminal types" to be associated with various physical device types during generation.

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Type 9763M

Terminals of type 9763M (monochrome) are treated like 9756-type terminals.

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