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Install Natural Development Server
Natural Development Server enables you to use the NaturalONE development environment to develop and test Natural applications in a remote Natural environment running on a mainframe (for example z/OS) or on Linux, UNIX or Windows. Check the requirements on product installation according to the platform used.
For Linux, UNIX and Windows platforms, the installation procedure is performed by Software AG Installer. See Install Server Components for more information.
For the z/OS platform, you should complete the following steps:
*Allocate the development server LOAD library (job NDVI008).
*Create a development server configuration file and sample CLIST (job NDVI009).
*Link the object modules into the NDV load library (job NDVI054).
*Create the NDV server front-end module (job NDVI060).
*Load Natural objects, error messages and samples for NDV (job NDVI061).
*Create server startup JCL (job NDVI200).
After the NDV server activation, Natural will be available for remote access (for example, by NaturalONE).
For detailed information, see the Natural Development Server documentation.
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