Application Programming

This documentation is a reference guide for Com-plete application programmers. It contains all the information necessary to write online and batch programs in the Com-plete environment.

Com-plete provides a wide range of functions for the application programmer. The description of each Com-plete function in this documentation follows the same pattern. Each description consists of:

  • A general description of the function;

  • A description of the function statement format according to the syntax convention;

  • Return codes pertinent to the function;

  • Possible abnormal terminations and their cause(s).

The Com-plete application programming information is organized as follows:

Introduction to the API Introduction to application programming using Com-plete functions
Terminal Functions and Paging Describes functions related to terminals and terminal paging.
Storage Access Functions and Task Management Describes functions relating to access to external storage systems (including Adabas), as well as task managment functions.
Message Switching and Printout Spooling Describes functions relating to message switching and printout spooling functions (including NSPOOL).
Miscellaneous Functions Describes miscellaneous functions which enable the application program to utilize a wide range of features.
Function Tables Presents various control blocks and code tables.