ARIS Version 9.8, Service Release 7

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ARIS Architect /ARIS Designer 
     Client Installation Guide
     Server Installation and Administration Guide
     Migrating Web Services
     Quick Start Guide ARIS Architect
     Quick Start Guide ARIS Designer
     ARIS Method
     ARIS Method - Tables
     Modeling BPMN 1.x in ARIS
     Interactive Guide - Model
     Interactive Guide - Script editor
ARIS Connect 
     ARIS Connect Administrator User Manual
     ARIS Connect Designer User Manual
     ARIS Connect Viewer User Manual
ARIS UML Designer 
     UML Designer Introduction
     UML Migration Guidelines
ARIS Publisher 
     Barrier-free work with ARIS Publisher exports
ARIS webMethods Integration 
     Setting up ARIS webMethods Integration
Process-Driven Management for SAP Solutions 
     System Architecture
     Migrating SAP Projects
ARIS Process Governance 
     Data Flow Design
     Modeling Conventions for Automation
ARIS - Alfabet Integration 
     ARIS - Alfabet Interoperability

Page last updated: December 15, 2016