Contains the deprecated PySys custom runner that adds support for EPL code coverage reporting.


class apama.runner.ApamaRunner(record, purge, cycle, mode, threads, outsubdir, descriptors, xargs)[source]¶

Bases: pysys.baserunner.BaseRunner

(Deprecated) A custom PySys runner for Apama tests.

Supports the ability to generate EPL code coverage reports using pysys run -Xeplcoverage. Coverage settings can be configured by setting the following attributes on this class in code or via -X options: eplcoverageargs, eplcoveragesource, eplcoverageinclude, eplcoverageexclude, eplcoveragetitle.

This class is deprecated. Remove the ApamaRunner from your project configuration and instead add an instance of apama.coverage.EPLCoverageWriter:

<writer classname="apama.coverage.EPLCoverageWriter">
        <property name="destDir" value="__coverage_epl.${outDirName}"/>