Contains PySys extensions for running ant builds from your testcases.


apama.build.antBuild(parent, buildfile, args=None, workingDir='build', timeout=60, environs=None)[source]¶

Run an ant build file with Apama environment properties set, typically to generate a project artifact such as a Java plugin or adapter.

Runs in a ‘build’ subdirectory of the parent’s output directory.

Be careful to ensure that the ant build file generates its output under its working directory, or under an explicitly specified directory that is located inside the test output directory.

  • parent – a ProcessUser object (such as a BaseTest)

  • buildfile – absolute path to the ant build.xml to run

  • args – an optional list of arguments to pass to ant, such as targets to build or -Dprop=value properties.

  • workingDir – the working directory for ant, which can be relative to the parent’s output directory. Will be created if it doesn’t exist.

  • timeout – The timeout to run ant

  • environs – a dictionary of environment variables (key, value) for ANT execution.


Exception – if the ant build does not complete successfully.