Entire Net-Work Client Installation and Administration

Entire Net-Work Client is a Software AG product option that allows you to access Adabas databases across the network. This documentation is provided for administrators and users of Entire Net-Work Client.

This document is organized as follows:

Concepts Provides a high-level description of Entire Net-Work Client.
Understanding Partitioning Describes how partitioning can be used in Entire Net-Work.
Understanding Filtering Describes how filtering can be used in Entire Net-Work.
Release Notes Describes enhancements made to this release of Entire Net-Work Client as well as migration consideration, maintenance plans and documentation for Entire Net-Work Client.
Installing and Uninstalling Entire Net-Work Client Describes the system requirements, configuration issues, and steps to perform to install and uninstall Entire Net-Work Client.
Starting and Stopping Entire Net-Work Client Describes how to start and stop Entire Net-Work Client.
About the Adabas Manager

Introduces you to the Adabas Manager and explains how to access it and leave it.

Entire Net-Work Client Administration

Describes management tasks for Entire Net-Work Client.

Directing Log Files to a Shared Server Describes the process of directing your Entire Net-Work log files to a shared server.
Port Number Reference Describes the ports that are needed by Entire Net-Work to perform its processing and how they can be assigned.
Entire Net-Work Configuration Parameters Lists the Entire Net-Work configuration parameters and describes batch and application program tools available for you to set them.
Entire Net-Work Utility Functions for Directory Server (checkadi and setadi) Describes how to use the Entire Net-Work checkadi and setadi utility functions to check for the existence of a Adabas Directory Server and to set Directory Server access parameters for Entire Net-Work and Entire Net-Work Client.