This document provides information for administrators responsible for configuring and running Entire Net-Work SAF Security once Entire Net-Work is installed.

Entire Net-Work SAF Security is provided in the Software AG product option called the Entire Net-Work SAF Security (product code WAF), which is an add-on to the Entire Net-Work product and must be ordered separately.

The Entire Net-Work SAF Security documentation is organized as follows:

SAF Security Overview Provides an overview of Entire Net-Work SAF Security and its features.
SAF Security Prerequisites Lists the prerequisites to using Entire Net-Work SAF Security.
Installing NETSAF Describes the steps to install Entire Net-Work SAF Security (NETSAF).
Securing Entire Net-Work Describes how to secure Entire Net-Work using Entire Net-Work SAF Security. Command and user ID security as well as resource profile definitions are described. In addition, steps are provided for securing Entire Net-Work with RACF, CA-ACF2, and CA-Top Secret.
SAF Security Operator Commands Lists and describes the operator commands available with Entire Net-Work SAF Security.
SAF Security Messages and Codes Lists and describes the messages associated with Entire Net-Work SAF Security.