Entire Net-Work 6.5 Release Notes

This document provides information on Entire Net-Work and Entire Net-Work for zIIP, a selectable unit of Entire Net-Work that enables Entire Net-Work to make use of IBM’s zIIP engine.

zIIP Support

Entire Net-Work for zIIP enables Entire Net-Work on z/OS to offload part of its workload from the mainframe’s general central processors (GCP) to System z Integrated Information Processors (zIIP).

Offloading work from the GCPs will free up some of their capacity. This helps decrease the total cost of operation (TCO) of the GCPs and makes room for running additional workload on them. Furthermore, the use of Entire Net-Work for zIIP may result in performance benefits by increasing the throughput for certain workloads.

Entire Net-Work for zIIP supports the following Drivers:

  • CTCA

  • FCTC

  • TCPI

  • TCPX

  • VTAM

  • XCF

The SSL and SSLI Drivers do not currently support execution on zIIPs. You should also refer to the Adabas for zIIP documentation.

General Information

Read this document carefully before installing and using Entire Net-Work version 6.5. It covers the following topics:

Supported Operating System Platforms Describes the currently supported operating environments for this version of Entire Net-Work.
Enhancements Describes the enhancements made to Entire Net-Work for Version 6.5.
Installation and License Describes where the Entire Net-Work 6.5 installation and license information for can be found.
Limitations and Restrictions Lists the limitations and restrictions currently existing in this version of Entire Net-Work.
Applying Zaps Describes general information on where to locate and how to apply Entire Net-Work zaps.
Software AG Mainframe Product Compatibility Describes the compatibility of this version of Entire Net-Work with other Software AG mainframe products.
End of Maintenance Describes how you can determine the end-of-support dates for your Software AG products.
Documentation and Other Online Information Describes the documentation and other online information you can obtain for this release of Entire Net-Work.

In addition, if you elect to install the Entire Net-Work TCP/IP Option, please read Entire Net-Work TCP/IP Option Release Information as well.

For information regarding Software AG product compatibility with IBM platforms and any IBM requirements for Software AG products, please review the Product Compatibility for IBM Platforms web page.

Notation "vr SP s", vrs, or vr: When used in this documentation, the notation "vr SP s", vrs, or vr stands for the relevant version, release, and system maintenance level numbers. For further information on product versions, see version in the Glossary.