Entire Net-Work Installation

This document explains how to install Entire Net-Work on supported mainframe platforms.

The Entire Net-Work Installation document is organized as follows:

System Requirements Describes the system requirements of Entire Net-Work.
Installation Overview Contains general information that applies to all Entire Net-Work installations.
Software AG Mainframe Product Licensing Describes Software AG's mainframe product license support and processing.
z/OS Environments Provides information about installing and running Entire Net-Work in the z/OS operating system environment.
Zap Naming Convention Describes the naming convention used for Entire Net-Work zaps.

For information regarding Software AG product compatibility with IBM platforms and any IBM requirements for Software AG products, please review the Product Compatibility for IBM Platforms web page.

Notation "vr SP s", vrs, or vr: When used in this documentation, the notation "vr SP s", vrs, or vr stands for the relevant version, release, and system maintenance level numbers. For further information on product versions, see version in the Glossary.