Entire Net-Work Client Administration

This document describes the administration tasks you can perform for Entire Net-Work Clients using the System Management Hub (SMH). It is organized as follows:

The Entire Net-Work Client SMH Administration Area Describes the section of SMH in which you can manage Entire Net-Work Client services and client configurations.
About Client Configurations Describes the concept of a client configuration.
Listing, Selecting, and Reviewing Client Configurations Describes how to list, select, and review client configurations.
Identifying the Client Configuration to Your Application Describes how to identify which client configuration should be used by your application.
Setting Service Parameters Describes how to set general parameters for all client configurations of a client machine.
Adding Client Configurations Describes how to add a client configuration.
Deleting Client Configurations Describes how to delete a client configuration.
Maintaining Client Configuration Parameters Describes the parameters of a client configuration and how to maintain them.
Migrating Entire Net-Work Client Configurations Describes how to migrate Entire Net-Work Client 1.3 and 1.4 configurations to Entire Net-Work Client 1.5 configurations.
Controlling Client Access to Databases Describes how you can use the System Management Hub to control client access to databases.
Managing Entire Net-Work Client Log Files Describes how to manage the Entire Net-Work Client log files.
Accessing Secured z/OS Host Resources Describes how to use the Entire Net-Work Client External Security Interface (ESI) to access secured Adabas resources on a z/OS host.
Using ADALNK User Exits Describes how to use the ADALNK user exits provided with Entire Net-Work Client.
Changing the Adabas Directory Server Provides instructions for changing the Adabas Directory Server for an Entire Net-Work Client service and for specific client configurations.
Tracing Entire Net-Work Client Processing Describes Entire Net-Work Client trace processing.