Deleting Client Configurations

Using the System Management Hub (SMH), you can delete a client definition from a client machine. Deleting a client configuration deletes its associated client configuration file from the system. For more information, read About Client Configurations.

We do not recommend that you maintain client configuration files using a text editor. Instead, we recommend that you use SMH to perform all maintenance to Entire Net-Work configuration files.

Start of instruction setTo delete a client configuration in SMH:

Make sure you have accessed the System Management Hub.

  1. Select and expand Entire Net-Work Client from the list in tree-view to access the Entire Net-Work Client administration area.

  2. Select and expand Clients from the Entire Net-Work Client sublist.

    A list of machine names appears. The machines listed are computers on which clients managed by this installation of the System Management Hub are defined.

  3. Select and expand the client machine on which the client is defined.

    The client configuration section becomes available in tree-view.

  4. Right-click on the client you want to delete and select Delete Client from the resulting drop-down menu.

    A panel appears in tree-view verifying that you want to delete the client.

  5. Click OK to confirm deletion of the client.

    The client is deleted from SMH and its associated configuration file is removed from the system.