Adabas Review for zIIP

This document provides information on Adabas Review for zIIP, a selectable unit of Adabas Review that enables Adabas Review to make use of IBM’s zIIP engine. Whether running Adabas Review in Hub mode or local, Adabas Review for zIIP enables Adabas Review on z/OS to offload part of its workload from the mainframe’s general processors (GP) to System z Integrated Information Processors (zIIP).

Offloading work from the GPs will free up some of their capacity. This helps decrease the total cost of operation (TCO) of the GPs and makes room for running additional workload on them. Furthermore, the use of Adabas Review for zIIP may result in performance benefits by increasing the throughput for certain workloads.

This documentation is organized under the following headings:

Prerequisites Requirements for zIIP support by Adabas Review for zIIP.
Current Limitations Currently limited functionality.
General Information on zIIP Processing Brief description of zIIP processing.
Adabas Review for zIIP Processing: Concepts Explanations of the TCB and SRB processes and the WLM enclaves Adabas Review for zIIP requires for zIIP processing.
Monitoring zIIP Usage System information, reports and statistics available for controlling and evaluating zIIP-enabled Adabas Review for zIIP sessions.


  1. The parameters mentioned in this documentation are described in the Parameter Reference documentation, unless otherwise noted.
  2. Adabas Review offers the field ZIIP for monitoring whether an Adabas command runs on a zIIP processor.