Adabas Review Reference

This document describes the:

  • commands that may be used in Adabas Review, and the use of function codes and commands to navigate through the system;

  • fields that may be used when creating Adabas Review reports using the Edit Report (ER) command;

  • reports supplied with Adabas Review;

  • summary record layout used by Adabas Review;

  • user exits available with Adabas Review;

  • ADARUN parameters that apply to Adabas Review.

This documentation is organized in the following topics:

Command Reference Provides an alphabetic reference to the commands that can be issued in Adabas Review.
Field Reference Provides alphabetical and categorical references for the fields that you use in Adabas Review.
Supplied Report Reference Describes each of the predefined reports supplied with Adabas Review.
Summary Record Layout Describes the layout of the summary record.
User Exit Reference Provides a description of each of the user exits available with Adabas Review.
ADARUN Parameters for Adabas Review Provides an alphabetical reference of the ADARUN parameters that apply to Adabas Review.