Installation and Operations for BS2000

Adabas Review is a set of tools for monitoring the performance of Adabas environments and the applications executing within them. Information retrieved about Adabas usage helps you tune application programs to achieve maximum performance with minimal resources.

This part of the Adabas Review documentation provides information for installing and maintaining Adabas Review:

  • in local mode in the Adabas address space; or

  • in hub mode as a hub (server) in its own address space with only interface (client) modules in the Adabas address space.

The Adabas Review installation documentation for BS2000 is organized as follows:

Preparing for the Installation Provides the information needed to prepare for the installation of Adabas Review under BS2000 operating system environments under the teleprocessing monitors TIAM/batch or UTM.
Installation Phase 1 Describes the first phase of the Adabas Review installation process. Phase 1 comprises all the steps that are independent of any particular TP monitor environment.
Installation Phase 2 Describes the second phase of the Adabas Review installation process. Phase 2 installs the components that are specific to the particular TP monitor in use at your site.
Starting Adabas Review Discusses the initialization procedures performed by Adabas Review during startup.
Operations Describes operation procedures for Adabas Review.
Operator Commands Describes operator commands for use with the hub only.