To install the Adabas SQL Gateway server component on a UNIX machine

  1. Select a computer on which the CONNX Administrator component is installed. Click the Start button, and then point to All Programs. Point to CONNX Driver and then click CONNX Server Setup. The CONNX Server Component Installation dialog box appears. Select the UNIX/Linux tab.


  1. Select your system's platform from the Platform drop-down box. Select the Adabas check box  in the Product area.  


  2. If the target system has an FTP, SFTP or SCP server enabled, skip to step 5.

  3. If the target system does not have an FTP, SFTP or SCP server enabled, select the Manual Copy Installation option and click the Begin Client Installation button.  This option will create the necessary install files in the ADABAS\TEMPINST subdirectory of the CONNX installation directory.  Move these files via an alternate copy method to the Unix server and then proceed to step 12 below.

  4. Select the desired transfer method and then in the Server text box, enter the TCP/IP host name or address for your system platform.

  5. In the User ID text box, enter a privileged user account name. In the Password text box, enter a user account password.

  6. By default, the Adabas data is sent to your home directory. If you wish to send it to another location, enter the name of the alternate directory in the Installation Information Install Path text box.


  7. Click the Install button. This action starts an FTP, SFT or SCP session and copies the selected components to the target server. Progress will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.

  8. An ftp window appears saying the files were successfully copied to the system and instructs you to log on to your system and run the installconnx shell script..


  9. If Adabas is not installed, an error box appears. Select Files from the menu.  The sub menu has options to view the FTP log as well as the FTP script.  The FTP logs have a timestamp appended to the name.  Select the appropriate log file and check for errors.  If the resolution to the problem requires a call to technical support, please provide the log file as well as the script file to the support representative.

    Note: If the files fail to copy via the Client Installation's FTP, SFTP or SCP session, please use the Manual Copy Installation as outlined in step 4 above.

  10. Note: If you get this screen, you must use the chmod command to set the execute permissions for the installconnx shell script.




chmod 550 installconnx

  1. To run the installconnx shell script, start a terminal emulator on the UNIX server and type the appropriate user name and password.


  2. There are three possible command-line options for installconnx:

    1. -h = Print Help.

    2. -s = Yes | No enhanced secuity.

    3. -p = Default CNXRUNPORT.

  1. Type ./installconnx and then press <Enter>. Press <Enter> to install to current directory or enter a new install path at the prompt. The contents of the compressed file are unzipped to a CONNX directory in the install directory.


  1. When asked whether you wish to get enhanced security, type <y>. Enhanced security enables UNIX user names/passwords to be verified using UNIX logon security. You will be prompted for a root password.


  2. The final output should read:

    CONNX UNIX Installation Complete.


    If it reads as follows:

    CONNX UNIX Installation Not Complete.

    check the preceding error message.

  1. Close the telnet server session.

  2. Click the Done button.

Note: All UNIX instructions must be entered as lowercase characters.

Note: If Adabas is upgraded after the initial install of the Adabas SQL Gateway, the Adabas SQL Gateway MUST be re-installed.  If the installation files are still on the Unix/Linux system, you can start at step 12.