Running the Silent CONNX Client Installation Procedure

Conduct the following procedure to run a silent CONNX client installation on client computers. (See Creating the CONNX Client Installation Record File.)

To run a silent CONNX client installation

  1. Copy the shortcut you created from the network folder to a convenient location on the network.

  2. Click the Start button, and then point to Run. In the Open text box, type the following:

    N:\CNX\Setup.exe –s -f1N:\CNX\Setup.iss

    where N:\… represents the location in the network of the setup files.

Note: Make sure you type a "1" (one) and not an "L" (el) after "-f".



  1. Click the OK button

  2. Allow several minutes for the installation to complete.

  3. To verify installation of the silent client, click Start, point to Settings, click Control Panel, and then select Administrative Tools. Select Data Sources (ODBC), and then select the Drivers tab. CONNX and its current version number should be visible.

    About the SETUP.LOG file...

    After a silent CONNX client installation is completed, a SETUP.LOG file is written to the same location of the Setup.iss Record File. Review this log and look for:

    where 0 indicates a successful installation. Other results include:

    ResultCode=-1 General error
    ResultCode=-2 Invalid mode
    ResultCode=-3 Required data not found in the Setup.iss file
    ResultCode=-4 Not enough memory available
    ResultCode=-5 File does not exist
    ResultCode=-6 Cannot write to the response file
    ResultCode=-7 Unable to write to the log file
    ResultCode=-8 Invalid path to the InstallShield Silent response file
    ResultCode=-9 Not a valid list type (string or number)
    ResultCode=-10 Data type is invalid
    ResultCode=-11 Unknown error during setup
    ResultCode=-12 Dialogs are out of order
    ResultCode=-51 Cannot create the specified folder
    ResultCode=-52 Cannot access the specified file or folder
    ResultCode=-53 Invalid option selected

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