Adabas System Coordinator Introduction

This document provides an introduction to the Adabas System Coordinator.

Adabas System Coordinator provides infrastructure technology for the optional Adabas Data Archiving, Adabas Fastpath, Adabas Vista, Adabas SAF Security and Adabas Transaction Manager features, thereby enabling them to function in the most efficient manner possible.

The Adabas System Coordinator provides a consistent runtime environment for the Adabas options. No matter where an option operates it is always housed in an identical system coordinator environment. The products do not have to be concerned with the differences between running in batch, CICS, an Adabas server or a daemon service.

The Adabas System Coordinator contains three major components (client component, database component, group component). Depending on how you use Adabas Systen Coordinator, you may need only one, two or all three of these components.

Client Component
Database Component
Daemon Component