Verifying the Installation

These verification instructions involve adjusting some XML input to suit the settings at your site and then running an XML IMPORT job (batch Natural) to load the verification configuration into your system ready for use.

  1. This verification procedure requires you have a copy of the sample Employees file that is distributed with Adabas already loaded and available.

  2. The source member IMPORTX contains an XML file that was previously used to export verification for use during this procedure. Edit this file:

    1. This XML input contains multiple copies of runtime controls for various types of jobs (TSO, TIAM, CICS, COM-PLETE). You must decide which TP system you will use to perform your verification.

    2. Remove all the runtime control samples for the TP systems you will not use.

    3. For the remaining one you will use, alter the job name value from AVIDEMO to the job name used at your site.

    4. Alter the translation XML input so that all occurrences of the values 999 and 888 are set to the real database and file number for your sample Employees file

  3. Now use your normal Natural batch job control to set up a job taking CMSYNIN input from the IMPORTC member from the Vista source library and CMWRKF01 input from member IMPORTX also on the Vista source library. Also set LFILE=(152,xxxxx,yyyyy) to reference your configuration file set up during the installation.

  4. Run the IMPORT job prepared above, now the configuration should be correctly set up for use at your site.

  5. Login to the TP system and go to the Adabas Vista administration to see:

    1. A translation rule for source database 12345 file 12345 in the SAGDEMO page (within the SAGDEMO generation) that resolves to the intermediate (not real) database 23456 file 23456

    2. A partitioned file definition for source database 23456 file 23456 that resolves to the real sample Employees file you already have loaded.

      This partitioned file clearly only has a single partition but it allows you to see the software using the feature.

  6. Use Adabas Vista administration to activate the SAGDEMO generation, see the Adabas Vista online services (Translation) section of the documentation for more information.

  7. Recycle the TP system to be used.

  8. Define the EMPLOYEES-ADABAS-VISTA DDM to Natural Security (if you use it)

  9. Type VERIFY at the SYSAVI command line to execute the Adabas Vista verification procedure

  10. After running this verification enter COR at the command line to go to Adabas System Coordinator online administration and view current activities for the job (see Activity Displays in the Vista documentation for more details); you will see that distributed and focused partitioning is taking place.

    Where translation and partitioning takes place for a command the statistics are shown as partitioning, translation statistics show commands that are translated without resolving to a partitioned file.

  11. That’s it, your installation is working, it is verified.