BS2000 Installation

The Installation Medium

Review the Software AG Product Delivery Report that accompanies the release package before restoring the release data to disk. Information in the report supersedes the information in this documentation.

The installation medium contains the following files in the sequence indicated in the report:

File Contents
AVIvrs.SRC AVI source modules
AVIvrs.MOD AVI load modules
AVIvrs.INPL SYSAVI objects
AVIvrs.ERRN SYSAVI error messages

where vrs in file names represents the version, revision, and system maintenance level of the product.

Installation Checklist

The Adabas System Coordinator must be installed prior to the installation of Adabas Vista. See the Adabas System Coordinator documentation for detailed information.

Once the required System Coordinator components have been installed, you can proceed to install Adabas Vista.

After copying the medium contents to disk, the following checklist identifies the steps necessary to complete the installation:

Step Description
1 Prepare SYSAVI
2 Enable the client process
3 Enable the database process

Copying the Medium Contents to a BS2000 Disk

Start of instruction setto copy the medium contents to a BS2000 disk:

  1. Copy the library SRVnnn.LIB from medium to disk.

    This action is not necessary if you have already copied the library SRVnnn.LIB from another Software AG medium. For more information, refer to the element #READ-ME in this library.

    The library SRVnnn.LIB is stored on the medium as the sequential file SRVnnn.LIBS containing LMS commands. The current version nnn can be obtained from the Software AG Product Delivery Report. To convert this sequential file into a LMS library, execute the following commands:

    / VOLUME=<volser>, DEV-TYPE=<tape-device>)
    @READ '/'
    @WRITE 'SRVnnn.LIBS'
    /MOD-JOB-SW ON=1
    <tape-device> = device-type of the tape, e.g. TAPE-C4
    <volser> = VOLSER of tape (see Software AG Product Delivery Report)
  2. Copy the procedure COPY.PROC from medium to disk.

    Call the procedure P.COPYTAPE in the library SRVnnn.LIB to copy the procedure COPY.PROC to disk:

    / (VSNT=<volser>, DEVT=<tape-device>)

    If you use a TAPE-C4 device, you can omit the parameter DEVT.

  3. Copy all product files from medium to disk.

    Enter the procedure COPY.PROC to copy all Software AG product files from medium to disk:


    If you use a TAPE-C4 device, you can omit the parameter DEVT. The result of this procedure is written to the file L.REPORT.SRV.

Installation Procedure

Following is the general Adabas Vista installation procedure. The actual installation depends on your particular requirements and the specific contents of the release package provided by Software AG for your site. Information in the release package is intended for your system. If that information differs from the information in this section, use the release package information or contact Software AG technical support for assistance.

Step 1. Prepare SYSAVI

The Adabas Vista Online Services (SYSAVI) objects are delivered on the Adabas Vista distribution medium

Start of instruction setTo prepare SYSAVI:

  1. Use your everyday Natural INPL job to load the administration tool (Natural application SYSAVI) and associated message texts into your Natural system. For reference a sample Natural INPL job called CORI061 can be found with the sibling System Coordinator product in the jobs distribution file. The INPL job’s work file 1 must reference the distribution file AVIvrs.INPL and work file 2 must reference AVIvrs.ERRN.

    If you use Natural Security in this system, define the libraries SYSAVI and SYSMVvrs (where vrs is the level you are installing, for example 821) and protect as you require. You may define MENU as the startup transaction for SYSAVI. However, you must not define a startup transaction for SYSMVvrs.

  2. Use the following parameter to define the Natural session where SYSAVI is to be used:


    where dbid and fnr define the location of the Adabas System Coordinator configuration file.

    Alternatively, assemble the Natural parameter module with


Step 2. Enable the client process

Start of instruction setTo enable the Adabas Vista client process

  1. for the Adabas System Coordinator:

    • make the modified Adabas link module available (BLSLIBnn);

    • make the generated configuration module CORCFG available (BLSLIBnn); and

    • make the Adabas System Coordinator load library available (BLSLIBnn).

  2. for Adabas Vista:

    • make the Adabas Vista load library available (BLSLIBnn).

Step 3. Enable the database process

Start of instruction setTo enable the Adabas Vista database process

  1. for the Adabas System Coordinator:

    • make the Adabas System Coordinator load library available (BLSLIBnn).

  2. for Adabas Vista:

    • set the Adabas parameter ADARUN VISTA=YES.