Adabas Vista Installation

This document describes how to install Adabas Vista.

Before installing or upgrading, review the release notes, readmes, changes, system requirements, and installation or upgrade guide for the products you want to install. This documentation provides information you must know about the products before installing or upgrading, and also describes information you will need to provide during installation. Documentation is available on the Software AG Empower website.

The Adabas Vista installation jobs can either be taken from the job library on the Adabas Vista installation medium and manually customized, or can be generated using the Software AG System Maintenance Aid (SMA).

In either case, the relevant job numbers (prefixed by the Adabas Vista product code AVI) are the same and are referenced at the appropriate step of the installation procedure.

For information about using SMA, refer to the System Maintenance Aid documentation.

Installation Prerequisites
Adabas Compatibility
Before You Install
Installation Procedures
Verifying the Installation