Event Replicator Target Adapter 3.6 Release Notes

The Event Replicator Target Adapter is a Software AG product option associated with Event Replicator for Adabas. It allows you to transform and apply replicated Adabas data in a mainframe database to a variety of targets, including supported relational databases, other Adabas targets, Apama, JMS queues, Big Memory Max, and Terracotta. For a complete list of the databases currently supported by Event Replicator Target Adapter, read Prerequisite Products.

Last-minute information on problems that have been addressed by this release are described in the ReadMe file.

Do not copy the server.xml file from an older Event Replicator Target Adapter installation and expect it to work for this Event Replicator Target Adapter installation. Errors will result if you try this.

This document covers the following topics:

Enhancements Describes the new and changed features in this version of the Event Replicator Target Adapter.
Restrictions and Limitations Lists the restrictions and limitations of this version of the Event Replicator Target Adapter.
End of Maintenance Describes how you can determine the end-of-support dates for your Software AG products.
Documentation and Other Online Information Describes the documentation and other online information you can obtain for this release of the Event Replicator Target Adapter.