Restrictions and Limitations

The following restrictions and limitations exist in this release of Event Replicator Target Adapter:

  • When using the Adabas (Binary) target,

    • Replication of Adabas Utilities through the Destination parameter DREPLICATEUTI is limited to the following:

      • Define file

      • Write FDT

      • Delete file

    • The only supported data types are the following:

      • Alphanumeric

      • Binary

      • Packed

      • Unpacked Date

    The above restrictions will be removed in future fixes and versions.

  • Adabas changes to the primary key are not supported by Event Replicator Target Adapter because it requires a cascading update to the RDBMS tables. The Adabas primary key is used to relate the root table with the MU/PE tables in the RDBMS. Currently, most relational databases do not support such cascading updates via SQL commands. Consequently, if you change the primary key in Adabas, the referential integrity of the data in the RDBMS tables will be violated. Support for cascading changes will be implemented in a future release of Event Replicator Target Adapter.