Supported Relational Databases *

The following relational databases (RDBMS) are supported by the Event Replicator Target Adapter. The required JDBC drivers for each RDBMS are also listed in the table.

RDBMS Support Required JDBC Driver
DB2 9.1 for open systems, or later db2jcc4.jar
DB2 Universal Database (UDB) version 9 for z/OS, or later db2jcc4.jar
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and later sqljdbc4.jar
MySQL 5.0.17, or later mysql-connector-java-v.r.s-bin.jar , where v.r.s represents the MySQL release number.
Oracle 10g or later ojdbc7.jar
PostgreSQL 9.2 or later postgresql-v.r-1002.jdbc4.jar, where v and r represent the first two parts of the PostgreSQL version number.v.r.s
Teradata Version 2 Release 1.2 for open systems, or later tdgssconfig.jar

* The versions represented here are the minimum required target RDBMS and driver versions tested with Event Replicator Target Adapter. In general, when a vendor drops support for a particular product or version, Software AG support will also be dropped. You should use the latest appropriate driver from your vendor for the target you are replicating to.