TCP/IP Port Number Reference

The following table lists the TCP/IP port numbers used by the Event Replicator Target Adapter. You should consider avoiding the use of these TCP/IP port numbers for other applications.

The port numbers used for Event Replicator Target Adapter cannot match the port numbers used by any previously installed version of the product if you intend to run them in parallel. If you have earlier versions of the Event Replicator Target Adapter installed, there is the risk that these default port numbers were used by the earlier version. If this is the case, you must override these default port numbers and select different port numbers.
Port Number Use
4000 Communication between Tomcat server and the Administration tool via JMX
3004 Software AG ERTA Administration Service support
4005 Tomcat shutdown port used for listening for a shutdown command.
4085 Tomcat listening port used for receiving commands and data.
Note the default port used by the service is 3004, the same port as the "Software AG Adabas Administration Service" delivered with previous versions of Event Replicator Target Adapter. If you install the current Event Replicator Target Adapter version on a machine with a previously installed version and you intend to run both in parallel, you will need to select a different port than the default 3004 during installation of the product.

If you install Event Replicator Target Adapter on a Linux or UNIX system and intend to manage it remotely using Event Replicator Target Adapter Administration, it may be necessary on some systems to append the CATALINA_OPTS parameters in the file with the following: -Djava.rmi.server.hostname=<IP_addr_of_Server>. is located in directory EventReplicatorTargetAdapter/art/bin.