Migrating from a Previous Version

Generally, you can copy the context.xml file from a previous version of Event Replicator Target Adapter into your new installation as an easy way to migrate to the latest version. The context.xml file can be found in the following locations:

Platform Location of context.xml
Windows C:\<installation-directory>\EventReplicatorTargetAdapter\art\data\webapps\sqlrep\META-INF. By default, the <installation-directory> is "SoftwareAG".
UNIX $SAG/EventReplicatorTargetAdapter/art/TargetAdapter/webapps/sqlrep/META-INF

For replication to targets where destination tables already exist, there is some additional information required by Event Replicator Target Adapter that may need to be copied from your previous version installation. This is especially true if Event Replicator for Adabas (mainframe) does not send a schema for the target at the time replication is activated. In this case, you should copy over all files with the extension .XML in the following location to the corresponding location in your new installation:

Platform Location of .XML schema files
Windows C:\<installation-directory>\EventReplicatorTargetAdapter\art\data\webapps\webdav\ADABASReplicator.
UNIX $SAG/EventReplicatorTargetAdapter/art/TargetAdapter/webapps/webdav/ADABASReplicator