Data Type Conversions

The following table describes the data type conversions used by Event Replicator Target Adapter during its processing.

Event Replicator Data Type JDBC Data Types RDBMS Data Types Terracotta Data Type
DB2 MySQL Oracle SQL Server
binary (length less than or equal to 8) decimal decimal(22) raw (see Note 1) numeric(22) byte, byte[]
binary (length greater than 8) varchar varchar raw (see Note 1) varchar byte[]
date date date datetime Date
decimal (with precision) decimal decimal(len+pre, pre) number(len+pre, pre) decimal(len+pre, pre) float, double
decimal (without precision) decimal decimal(len) number(len) numeric(len) short, int, long, BigInteger
float float float float, double
integer integer integer short, int, long, BigInteger
string varchar varchar varchar

varchar2/ nclob

(see Note 2)

varchar String
time time timestamp datetime timestamp datetime Date


  1. Note 1: binary fields are stored in field of data type raw when ‘Target Database Option’ dbRawDatatype is set to "true".
  2. Note 2: strings with length greater 253 will be store as nclob data types in Oracle target databases.