Scheduled reports

The Scheduled Reports option allows to schedule the creation of the report for offline data (data, which are not available immediately, which are stored for example on a tape).


If one or more of the fields on search form have attribute Offline and user clicks on Search button then AAV will ask the user which operation should be executed:

a. wait for search result (this process may take several minutes), b. schedule the report, by adding report name and pressing Schedule button.


If the user chose option B, then, after pooling time, the report will be available in Scheduled reports and the user can display the details of the report.



When the report is ready, then the icon marked with an arrow becomes green.

The AAV does not delete the report, after it was opened by the user, this can be done manually.

The user can execute the following actions:

  • view the report by clicking on the report from the list,
  • delete a single report from the list by clicking “x”,
  • delete all the reports by clicking bin icon.