About the Installation Tape

The section describes the installation tape.

Data Sets Delivered

This section describes the data sets that are delivered with Adabas Auditing. In all data set names vrs represents the version, release, and maintenance level numbers of the release of Adabas Auditing. The following data sets are delivered with Adabas Auditing for z/OS:

Data Set Name Contains
ALAvrs.INPL INPL of the Adabas Auditing Configuration
ALAvrs.IX01 INPL updates for Adabas Auditing Configuration, if they are provided
ALAvrs.SYSF Base Auditing System File
ALAvrs.JOBS Sample JCL
ALAvrs.LOAD Load modules
ALAvrs.ZAPS Zaps for the support of Adabas Auditing

Copying the Tape Contents

Before you perform the individual installation procedure for each component, copy the data sets from the supplied installation medium to your disk.

The way you copy the data sets depends on the installation method and the medium used:

  • If you use System Maintenance Aid (SMA), refer to the copy job instructions provided in the System Maintenance Aid documentation.

  • If you are not using SMA and want to copy the data sets from CD-ROM, refer to the README.TXT file on the CD-ROM.

  • If you are not using SMA and want to copy the data sets from tape, follow the instructions in this section.

The following steps explain how to copy all data sets from tape to disk:

Step 1: Copy Data Set COPY.JOB from Tape to Disk

  1. Modify the following sample job according to your requirements:

    //* ---------------------------------
    // DISP=(OLD,PASS),
    // UNIT=(CASS,,DEFER),
    // VOL=(,RETAIN,SER=tape-volser),
    // LABEL=(2,SL)
    //SYSUT2 DD DSN=hilev.COPY.JOB,
    // UNIT=3390,VOL=SER=disk-volser,
    // SPACE=(TRK,(1,1),RLSE),
    // DCB=*.SYSUT1


    tape-volser is the VOLSER of the tape, for example: T12345
    hilev is a valid high-level qualifier
    disk-volser is the VOLSER of the disk.

  2. Execute the job to copy the data set COPY.JOB to your disk.

Step 2: Modify hilev.COPY.JOB on Your Disk

  1. Modify hilev.COPY.JOB according to your requirements.

  2. Set EXPDT to a valid expiration date, for example, 99365.

  3. Set HILEV to a valid high-level qualifier, for example, USERLIB.

  4. Set LOCATION to a storage location, for example, STORCLAS=ABC or UNIT=3390,VOL=SER=USR123.

Step 3: Submit COPY.JOB

Execute hilev.COPY.JOB to copy single, multiple, or all data sets to your disk.