System Requirements

This section describes the system requirements of Adabas Auditing.

Supported Operating System Platforms

Software AG generally provides support for the operating system platform versions supported by their respective manufacturers. When an operating system platform provider stops supporting a version of an operating system, Software AG will stop supporting that version.

For information regarding Software AG product compatibility with IBM platforms and any IBM requirements for Software AG products, please review the Product Compatibility for IBM Platforms web page.

Before attempting to install this product, ensure that your host operating system is at the minimum required level. For information on the operating system platform versions supported by Software AG products, complete the following steps:

  1. Access Software AG's Empower web site at

  2. Log into Empower.

  3. Once logged in, you can expand Products & Documentation in the left menu of the web page and select Product Version Availability to access the Product Version Availability screen.

  4. Use the fields on the top of this screen to filter its results for your Software AG product. Click the Search button and the supported Software AG products will be listed in the table below the filter criteria. This list provides, by supported operating system platform:

    • the Software AG general availability (GA) date of the Software AG product

    • the date the operating system platform is scheduled for retirement (OS Retirement)

    • the Software AG end-of-maintenance (EOM) date for the product

    • the Software AG end-of-sustained-support (EOSS) date for the product.

Although it may be technically possible to run a new version of your Software AG product on an older operating system, Software AG cannot continue to support operating system versions that are no longer supported by the system’s provider. If you have questions about support, or if you plan to install this product on a release, version, or type of operating system other than those listed on the Product Version Availability screen described above, consult Software AG technical support to determine whether support is possible and under what circumstances.

Supported Hardware

For general information regarding Software AG product compatibility with other platforms and their requirements for Software AG products, visit Software AG's Hardware Supported web page.

Adabas Requirements

This section lists the Adabas related requirements for successful operation of Adabas Auditing.

Adabas Version Requirements

The Adabas Audit Server must run with a minimum Adabas version of 8.5 SP1 or, if the Adabas version is greater than 8.5 SP1, the same (or later) version of Adabas as the Adabas database(s) whose data is being audited.

Adabas databases whose data is to be audited must run with Adabas version 8.4 SP2 or later.

In all cases, the Adabas version must be updated with the appropriate version specific zaps from the ALAvrs.MVSZAPS data set and any subsequent ALAvrs.MVSZnnn data sets, if they have been provided.

ADARUN Requirements

Adabas Auditing requires some ADARUN parameter settings. For more information, refer to the Installation for z/OS section below.

Adabas Online System (AOS) Requirements

A licensed copy of Adabas Online System (AOS) or the demo version of AOS are not required to support Adabas Auditing.

However, AOS offers some useful statistics and help with the planning and administrative functions of Adabas Auditing. If you choose to install it, be sure to follow the installation instructions in the AOS manual for licensed versions.

If you only use a demo copy of AOS, have in mind that:

  • Only limited information concerning Adabas Auditing is available to you with the demo copy.

  • The same versions and maintenance levels of the AOS demo code are required as for a licensed copy of AOS.

Entire Net-Work Requirements

  1. When you use Entire Net-Work Administration (or Entire Net-Work for Mainframes) and Entire Net-Work Client (or Entire Net-Work for Open Systems), the Adabas Audit Servers and Adabas databases you maintain must be UES-enabled.

  2. As an alternative to running a separate Net-work session, the Adabas Audit Server can run with ADATCP. For more information, see the Entire Net-Work Administration documentation > Adding Targets. For further details on ADATCP, refer to the Entire Net-Work Administration documentation > Enabling Direct TCP/IP Access (ADATCP) to Your Adabas Nucleus.

If the appropriate Entire Net-Work mainframe and client products are not already installed on your systems, install Entire Net-Work Administration on the mainframe and Entire Net-Work Client on the client side. For complete information on these products, please refer to the section Entire Net-Work Client Administration and the Administration section of the respective platform's Entire Net-Work documentation.

Natural Requirements

Natural 8.2 SP7 or later is recommended when using the Adabas Auditing Configuration to set up Auditing definitions. Auditing is independent of your version of Natural and is compatible with supported Natural levels.

Predict Requirements

Should you decide to use the Adabas Auditing feature that allows you to generate format buffers and a field table using Predict, you must also install a supported version of Predict.

LUW Application Requirements

For LUW applications to be audited, the following are the minimum release levels required:

  • WCL

  • ACL 7.1

Licensing Requirements

In order to execute correctly, Adabas Auditing requires MLC136.LOAD or higher load library to be installed regardless of the version of the Adabas nucleus. For more information, see Installation for z/OS.