The messages described in this manual are produced by:

  • Beta Systems Architecture (BSA) components which service different Beta products
  • Beta Enhancement facilities

Message range

  • The range of messages described in this manual is from 8000 to 9999; this is the range reserved for BSA messages. Within the 8000 to 9999 framework, each component has its own fixed range.
  • The messages from 1000 to 7999 can be found in the respective Beta product manuals.

Message IDs

A message ID consists of three elements:

  • Three-character prefix XYZ, which is the identifier of component, facility or product
  • Four-digit message number nnnn
  • One-character type code x

Type codes

There are different type codes:

A - Action

You must perform the specified action. Check the instructions given under "Operator Response".

D - Decision

You must choose an alternative.

E - Error

You should take action now or at a later time. Check the instructions given under "Operator Response".

I - Information

No user action is required.

W - Warning

Investigate why the message was issued. You may need to take action. Check the instructions given under "Operator Response".

Message prefix

The message prefix identifies the BSA component or Beta product from which the message originates. For example, message OMS9500W originates from a Beta 92 system and message PMS9500W originates from a Beta 93 system. For a list of prefixes, see "Message prefixes".

In this manual, messages are listed in numeric order without prefix because of the fact that messages can appear with different prefixes. The PDF version of this manual includes aliases for each message and prefix, which means that, for example, searching for OMS9500W or PMS9500W will also find message 9500W.

Plus sign ( + )

A plus sign ( + ) may be displayed in front of a message if one of the product libraries has not been APF authorized.

_beta report messages

All _beta report messages are written to the DD RPGSCAN dataset.

Conventions used in this manual

The message text is written in UPPERCASE, BOLD letters.

Certain messages contain portions that can vary. These portions are indicated by lowercase, italic letters.

Routing and description codes

Routing and description codes for the z/OS consoles and the z/OS system log are specified in the BnnLSTxx member in the BETA.PARMLIB using the following parameters:


Information messages


Warning messages


Error messages


Decision messages

For more details, see "LST parameters in BnnLSTxx" in BSA Installation and System Guide.

User abend codes

The BSA user abend codes are described in "User abend codes". If you cannot find a specific abend code in BSA Messages and Codes, check Messages and Codes of the Beta Systems product for additional user abend codes.

BSA codes

"BSA error/information codes" provides descriptions of the codes that are returned by BSA functions and components (error codes, return codes, information return codes, reason codes, sense codes).