Introduction to Data Archiving for Adabas

Data Archiving for Adabas (ADR) provides the tooling to implement a well-managed, automated, accountable, secure place to store, search and recall data archived from Adabas.

In addition, this software provides a convenient way to perform Adabas file transfer within a single database, across databases within the same platform and across databases of different platforms.

Most, if not all enterprises experience database content growth at an increasing rate. Studies show as much as 85% of database content is inactive. This pattern emerges across all types of industry. There are many reasons for the growth in data content, too many to cover here. The fact is that growth is a continuing phenomenon which pressures primary production services. At the same time, there are increasing legislative reasons why information must be kept for longer, creating even more pressure.

Data Archiving for Adabas relieves the pressure by making it easy to archive and recall data on a large scale on a long-term basis.

Data Life Cycle
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