Triggers and Stored Procedures


This documentation provides all the information necessary to install and use the Adabas facility for implementing and maintaining triggers and stored procedures.

The documentation is organized in the following parts:

Introduction Introduces procedures and the distinctions that are relevant for programming and processing them. It tells you how procedures are processed.
Installation and Configuration Provides installation and configuration information.
Processing and Performance Explains the run-time processing of procedures in detail, providing performance information throughout the processing sequence.
Programming and Performance Discusses issues related to writing procedures, including performance issues.
Calling Stored Procedures Tells you how to use the PC command in conjunction with the stored procedure link routine STPLNKnn to invoke a stored procedure.
Trigger Maintenance Tells you how to use the online Trigger Maintenance facility that is accessible from the main menu of Adabas Online System (AOS). Includes both user and administrator information.
TRGMAIN Presents the TRGMAIN API for maintaining triggers from a user program.
TRGUNLD and TRGLOAD Utilities Presents the TRGUNLD and TRGLOAD utilities for unloading trigger definitions to a work file and subsequently loading them into the trigger file.
Programming Examples Provides sample, annotated program listings.

Messages and Codes

For information about interpreting messages and codes related to triggers and stored procedures and about resolving problems that they identify, see the Adabas Messages and Codes documentation. SYSTRG message explanations are available using the Natural SYSERR utility.