User, Hyperdescriptor, Collation Descriptor, and SMF Exits

This document refers to the user exits activated by the ADARUN parameters UEXn, HEXnn, and CDXnn (see the Adabas Operations documentation for descriptions of the ADARUN parameters).

All supplied sample user exits are sample user programs and are not supported under any maintenance contract agreement.

The user exits documented in this document are as follows:

User Exit ADARUN Use
User Exit 1 UEX1 Command processing (Adabas nucleus) -- being retired
User Exit 2 UEX2 Dual log processing
User Exit 3 UEX3 User-defined phonetic processing
User Exit 4 UEX4 User-generated log data
User Exit 5 UEX5 Adabas Review hub event handler
User Exit 6 UEX6 Data compression (ADACMP)
User Exit 8 UEX8 Operator interface
User Exit 9 UEX9 Data unload (ADAULD)
User Exit 11 UEX11 Command processing (Adabas nucleus)
User Exit 12 UEX12 Multiple log processing
Hyperdescriptor Exits ADARUN Use
1 . . 31 HEX01 . . HEX31 User-supplied algorithm to create hyperindex values
Collation Descriptor Exit ADARUN Use
1 . . 8 CDX01 . . CDX08 User-supplied algorithm to encode and decode values for the corresponding collation descriptors
SMF User Exit ADARUN Use
SMF User Exit UEXSMF User-supplied detail section to be included in the SMF record