Concepts and Facilities

This documentation provides a technical introduction to the principles and functions of Adabas, Software AG's adaptable data base management system. It provides an overview of Adabas for those who require a basic understanding of Adabas operating environments, design, use, and optional extensions.

Adabas is.... Presents a system overview and discusses the supported operating environments.
Adabas Design Describes the structures used by Adabas and their functions and interactions.
Using Adabas Describes accessing the database and maintaining its integrity.
Adabas Utilities Briefly describes the Adabas utilities.
Licensing Adabas Describes the Adabas licensing concept.
Adabas Security Describes the security features available with Adabas.
Optional Product Extensions Briefly describes the optional product extensions available from Software AG to add functionality to the Adabas core product.