Adabas REST Administration

Adabas RESTful administration is a server that provides the REST interface for Adabas monitoring and Adabas administration tasks. Any RESTful client can connect to the server and use standard web techniques to retrieve Adabas information.

The Adabas REST Administration document is organized as follows:

General Information Describes in short the concepts and components of the Adabas RESTful administration.
Installation and First Steps Contains information on how to install and configure Adabas RESTful administration.
RESTful Security Describes the concepts and administration of Adabas RESTful server security topics such as SSL-encrypted connections and access restrictions to Adabas data.
Adding Support for Multiple Adabas Versions Contains information on how to enable support for multiple Adabas versions in the Adabas RESTful administration.
System Service Describes the system service provided with the Adabas RESTful administration.
Messages Contains information about the response codes that are returned if errors occur while processing.