Adabas Basics

This document contains basic information about Adabas databases. This includes aspects of database design, the components that make up an Adabas database, the field definition table and the available definition options, loading data into a database and unloading data from a database, as well as information about using the Adabas utilities.

The following topics are covered:

  • Database Design contains information on database design. It includes information on Adabas file structures, multiple-value fields and periodic groups, record design, the use of keys (descriptors), disk space usage (compression, null value suppression, padding factors), security planning and restart and recovery planning.

  • Container Files provides information about the Adabas container files.

  • Temporary Working Space contains information about allocating and deleting temporary working space if it is required by the Adabas nucleus or utilities.

  • FDT Record Structure describes how to define the record structure of a file in the database.

  • Defining Descriptors defines how to create and delete descriptors for a file.

  • Loading and Unloading Data describes various methods for loading data into the database and unloading data from the database.

  • Using Utilities provides general information on how to work with the Adabas utilities.

  • User Exits and Hyperexits contains an explanation of the user exits and hyperexits that are supported by Adabas.

  • Adabas on Read-only Devices contains information about running Adabas on read-only devices, and any restrictions that apply in such an environment.